AIYD promotes effective policies and programs and advocating for resources to support youth worldwide


To promote effective policies and programs and advocate for resources that support youth worldwide.

AIYD Guiding Principles for Youth Development

The Guiding Principles for International Youth Development is the result of a collaborative effort by members of the Alliance for International Youth Development (AIYD). The Guiding Principles reflect AIYD’s collective voice on effective practices for positive youth development across the sectors where we work.

Youth account for half of the world’s population (nearly 3 billion under the age of 30). Their enormous potential as leaders and innovators demands our support and significant investment. We must regard young people as assets and equal partners in addressing our world’s most pressing development challenges. In this context, youth development is about more than simply creating more skilled workers; asset-based approaches entail creating opportunities for young people that help them develop a sense of competence, purpose and empowerment.

The purpose of the Guiding Principles is two-fold. First, to establish a shared framework that better enables our community to critically reflect on our work as youth development practitioners and organizations. And second (and equally important), to advance the youth development sector by actively sharing knowledge, strategies and resources that support greater youth inclusion within, and across, development programs and policies.

No single organization can achieve these goals. Positive Youth Development by definition means that communities—entire societal systems—work together to include young people, and create a continuum of services and opportunities that enable them to grow into successful adults. This concept guides AIYD, and the Guiding Principles are our answer to that challenge.