We believe we can do better when we work together to:


We advocate for informed and targeted investments for youth worldwide. We believe that the international donor community, global businesses, governments and youth must work together increase investments in programs that support young people. We advocate for the ability of youth to engage in productive livelihoods, become active members of their communities and make responsible decisions for themselves and their families.

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Our members work on the frontlines of youth development. Around the world and across all sectors of international development and humanitarian assistance, our members target youth through interventions focused on health, livelihoods, workforce development, entrepreneurship and financial services, leadership and civic engagement.


We provide a forum for the youth development community to connect, engage and contribute to new learning on youth policy and practice. The challenges that impact youth affect all of us. Finding solutions demands collaborative thinking and collective action to address the scale of the challenges facing young people worldwide.

our shared approach to youth development

  • All young people have the right to contribute directly to the policies and programs that affect their lives. Across all sectors of youth development, we regard young people as essential leaders, partners and implementers, not just recipients, to ensure that policies and programs meet their needs.
  • Young people are assets in the political, economic, social and cultural development of their countries. Positive youth development means recognizing youth as assets and focusing our collective resources to tap into young peoples’ energy and realize their full potential.
  • Youth policies and programs must reflect the diverse needs of young people. Accounting for contextual and cross-cutting factors such as age, gender, disability, conflict, and culture is essential and must be reflected in the programs and policies we implement with young people worldwide.
  • Our impact is greater when we work collectively. Youth comprise half of the world’s population—the scope and complexity of youth development work therefore requires partnerships and collaboration to achieve the scale of impact needed, and to ensure best practices are widely understood and shared. We engage as a community of practice to foster knowledge development, collaboration and innovation across the field of youth development. And we believe that everyone has a critical part to play: the public and private sector, civil society, thought leaders and researchers, and above all, young people themselves.
  • Invest in young people, now. Just as advocacy must be linked to knowledge and demonstrated impact, so too must policies be matched with action. We use our collective voice to call for policies and programs that:
    • Broaden and create new opportunities for young peoples’ access to basic life skills, education and training that prepare them for the world of work and that ease barriers to social and economic independence.
    • Ensure youth who are not in school for any reason access to developmentally appropriate second chances to secure the education and life skills that will help them to succeed.
    • Promote young peoples’ full participation in civic life through inclusive approaches that enhance their voice in policy and service delivery.
    • Include youth as decision makers and develop their capacity as leaders and positive contributors to their community.
    • Account for the diversity of young people and reflect a clear understanding of these unique needs as they relate to gender, disability, conflict, and country context.